Fengchen is a small village located northwest of Beijing.

Fengchen in WorldwarEdit

In 1963, Fengchen was the site of a meeting of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party attended by Mao Tse-Tung, Lin Biao, Chu Teh, Nieh Ho-Ting, Liu Han, and Hsia Shou-Tao. Chou En-Lai had a seat on the committee but was unable to attend the meeting because of setbacks to communist resistance to the Race's occupation of southwestern China, the theater of operations for which he was responsible.

At the meeting Mao revealed that the Soviet Union's commitment to supporting Chinese resistance against the Lizards was flagging in the face of the arrival of the Colonization Fleet and Fleetlord Atvar's newly-aggressive foreign policy in response to the 1962 attack on the fleet, whose perpetrators were at that time unknown. It was decided that the CCP would attempt to develop a relationship with the United States to procure additional weapons as a stopgap measure. It was further decided that Liu Han would travel to the US to lobby Congress and the US press corps in person.

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