"Exclusive mating arrangement" is the literal translation of the Race's word for marriage. The Race considers this and other monogamous relationships to be the height of sexual perversion and treated these males and females as pariahs. Nevertheless, a number of males and females, chemically altered into constant sexual activity by ginger, have entered into such arrangements, as described in the controversial book One Life, One Mate.

The first Race couple to enter an arrangement were Waxxa and Ppurrin, who were two upstanding citizens from the Colonization Fleet who became sexually addicted. Fearing such a behavior would spread among the Race, Fleetlord Atvar had them exiled to the United States, which soon became the norm for having such pairs "emigrated" from Race territory. However, by the 21st century the Race recognized that the practice had become so widespread that exile was no longer practicable.

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