Fictional Character
The Tale of Krispos
Videssos Series
Appearance(s): Krispos the Emperor
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Religion: Phos-worship
Occupation: Prince, soldier
Parents: Krispos, Dara
Relatives: Phostis, Katakolon (brothers)

Evripos was the second son of Krispos, Avtokrator of Videssos, and Dara the empress; he was the brother of Phostis and Katakolon. Unlike Phostis, who was conceived while his mother was still married to her first husband, no one had any doubt about the paternity of Evripos, not least Krispos.

Being the middle child, Evripos had growing pains. He was jealous of Phostis and his being the heir to the throne; he was also jealous of Katakolon, who, not being groomed to become avtokrator, could spend all of his time having fun. This jealousy caused friction between the three young men, which also led to friction with their father.