Historical Figure
Nationality: Byzantine Empire
Date of Birth:  ?
Date of Death:  ?
Spouse: Justinian II
Children: Unnamed Daughter
Turtledove Appearances:
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Cause of Death: Child birth
Eudokia, daughter of Philaretos, count of the walls, was Justinian II's first wife. She died in childbirth. Heartbroken, Justinian couldn't bear to do anything with their daughter, Epiphaneia; nor could he have sexual relations with other women for some time after Eudokia's death.

Literary commentEdit

Little of Eudokia is recorded, including her death. It may be that Eudokia predeceased Justinian, or that she divorced him. Her death in child-birth is a literary invention.

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