The English name Ernest is derived from the German name Ernst meaning "bold, vigorous, resolute," with Ernie being an English diminutive.

Ernest may refer to:

Ernest Hemingway, historical American writer appearing in Southern Victory and "Cayos in the Stream", and referenced in numerous other works.
Ernest King, historical United States Navy Admiral referenced "News From the Front" and Two Fronts.
Ernest Simpson, minor fictional character who narrates A Different Flesh.
Ernest Valdemar, fictional character in "The Haunted Bicuspid".

Ernie may refer to:

Ernie (Hugo diner), the operator of the Hugo Diner in Hugo, Alabama in In at the Death.
Ernie Graaf, a member of America Will Break and minor character in The Guns of the South.

Ernst may refer to:

Ernst Kaltenbrunner, a historical senior Nazi official appearing in Down to Earth.
Ernst Neulen, a fictional German Freedom Front agent and POV in the novel The Man With the Iron Heart.
Ernst Riecke, a German soldier and minor character in In the Balance.
Ernst Röhm, a historical Nazi figure referenced in the novel Hitler's War.

Ernesto may refer to:

Ernesto Albosta, fictional janitor, minor character in The Gladiator.

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