Fictional Work
Story: Between the Rivers
God of: The city of Imhursag
Type of Appearance: Direct

Enimhursag was the god of Imhursag. In contrast to his neighbor and eternal enemy, Engibil, Enimhursag was a very authoritarian ruler of his city. Not only did he rule it directly, without an ensi, he supervised the actions of every single Imhursagut personally. The result was that the Imhursagut became a rather slow-witted people unused to thinking for themselves and preferring to wait for instructions directly from Enimhursag, which they would then follow to the letter without considering their wisdom. On the other hand, he also protected his people from even such minor hazards as mosquito bites when it served his purposes to do so.

During one battle between Imhursag and Gibil, Enimhursag led his people into battle personally, appearing as a giant many times the height of a man. He destroyed chariots with balls of mud and seized and killed several Giblut warriors. However, the Gibli were undaunted by the appearance of an angry god among their foes, and the 'new men' of Gibil (bronzesmiths, scribes, and other craftsmen of the new trades springing up in that city) attacked him, seriously wounding his hands and feet. Enimhursag was forced to flee the battle for fear of being hamstrung by the Gibli, at which point his own warriors routed.