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An Elektroboot ("Electric Boat" in German) was the first submarine designed to operate entirely submerged, rather than as submersibles that could submerge as a temporary means to escape detection or launch an attack. The Elektroboot used 3 old technologies combined; 1: Streamlined hull, 2: Snorchel, 3: Huge battery capacity.

Elektroboot in Southern VictoryEdit

The Elektroboot was introduced to the German Navy in mid-1943 and helped revolutionize submersible warfare. By mid-1944, they had shipped the plans for it across the Atlantic for the US Navy. US Captain Rickover was attempting to implement these submarines into the Navy but the speed at which it progressed wasn't satisfactory for a US Senator from Dakota.

Elektroboot in Worldwar Edit

An Elektroboot was used to deliver Germany's third explosive-metal bomb to Alexandria; the submarine sailed from Crete to Alexandria completely underwater. Most of the crew were not told that it was a suicide mission. When Heinrich Jäger heard the news, he concluded that if the the Race hadn't come they would've swept the oceans clean of Allied shipping.

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