Fictional Character
A World of Difference
POD: c 4,500,000,000 BCE;
Relevant POD: AD 1976
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Minervan
Nationality: Omalo clan
Occupation: Massi herder

Elanti was an Omalo Minervan of Reatur's domain. He was a massi herder in the far north of the domain. In 1984, his massi were captured by Dordal's forces when they raided Reatur, taking advantage of his distraction in preparation for the Skarmer-Omalo War. Elanti followed his massi into Dordal's territory and scouted the position where they were kept. When a force of Reatur's soldiers led by Ternat sallied into Dordal's domain to reclaim the massi and exact a punitive tribute, Elanti helped Ternat launch a surprise attack.

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