The Elabon series is a series of five books written by Harry Turtledove that deal with the adventures of Gerin the Fox. The name is taken from the Elabonian Empire, the dominant government of the world in which the books are set. The Elabonian Empire had ruled the province known as the Northlands, in which Gerin's feudal holdings are located, but abandoned it in the first book of the series because it could not defend the province against the barbarians known as the Trokmoi. For the remainder of the series, local feudal lords vie for power against each other and a number of foreign and even supernatural invaders and seek to establish their fiefdoms as independent territories. The lords who have the most success at this are Gerin and Aragis the Archer, who establish kingdoms. In the last book of the series, the two kings defeat an Elabonian army which is attempting to reclaim the province.

The series draws much of its inspiration from Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, particularly the final novel, Fox and Empire, which is an homage to the Asimov novel Foundation and Empire.

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