Egril Joons
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"Trantor Falls"
Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Second Foundation
Occupation: Dietitian, Quartermaster, Speaker
Affiliations: Galactic University, Second Foundation

Egril Joons was the chief dietitian of the Galactic University on Trantor at the time of the sack of that planet by Gilmer. When the university faculty and student body raised a militia to defend their campus, Joons served as Quartermaster.

When Gilmer visited the campus to negotiate a ceasefire agreement with Dean Yokim Sarns, Joons monitored their conversation so that he would know the terms to which the two agreed, and could have a document prepared as soon as they returned from the tour. He gave Gilmer a copy of these terms and a stylus with which to sign the terms. Joons noted that, true to his nature as a looter at heart, Gilmer did not return the stylus.

Joons was in fact a Speaker of the Second Foundation. He was pleasantly surprised to note that the extent to which Gilmer had looted Trantor left the world too poor to attract further looters, despite Hari Seldon having calculated a 70% chance that the planet would be sacked at least twice.