Eduard Klein
Fictional Character
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
POD: c. 1940
Nationality: Germany (of secret Jewish ancestry)
Date of Birth: 2000s
Occupation: Student
Parents: Richard and Maria Klein
Relatives: Paul Klein (brother)

Eduard Klein was the older son of Richard and Maria Klein.[1] The Kleins were a family of hidden Jews living in Berlin. His infant brother, Paul, was diagnosed by their pediatrician, Martin Dambach, with Tay-Sachs disease, a condition more common in Jews than in others.[2]

When Esther Stutzman, Dambach's receptionist and another hidden Jew, attempted to alter the Klein genealogical records to account for a possible Jewish ancestor, she neglected to remove the older record from Eduard's file which did not show such a possible ancestry.[3] Dambach notified the authorities about the discrepancy. The family was investigated,[4] but when it was learned that Reichsführer-SS Lothar Prützmann had a great-nephew with Tay-Sachs, the investigation was dropped.[5]

Eduard was too young to know that he was Jewish. He was also well indoctrinated with the Nazi ideology regarding the diseased and the disabled, and was not at all troubled by the fact that his infant brother was euthanized by his parents.[6]


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