Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. The city is located on the North Saskatchewan River in the central region of the province, an area with some of the most fertile farmland on the prairies. It is the second largest city in Alberta.

Edmonton in Southern VictoryEdit

During the Great War, Edmonton was spared the destruction of the fighting that effected other Canadian cities. After the war, the city was occupied by US troops when the country was annexed. However, the citizens resented having been just handed over without seeing any action, making the city more troublesome than those who'd been captured by the US.

During the mid 1920s, Edmonton was one of the many Canadian cities that rebelled against the US.

Edmonton in SupervolcanoEdit

Several years after the Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption, Edmonton's appearance resembled Dante Alighieri's vision of the icy innermost circle of Hell.[1]

Edmonton in The Two GeorgesEdit

Edmonton was the capital of the North American Union province of Albertus. In 1995 Colonel Thomas Bushell and Captain Samuel Stanley had a stopover in Edmonton while traveling on the Northern Rockies Special. Bushell ruefully reflected that it was unfortunate the city had a useful airship flight only once every three days.[2]

Edmonton in WorldwarEdit

In the decades following the Peace of Cairo, Edmonton became an important center of invention and technological research. A prime factor in Edmonton's strategic favour was that its cold weather made it unlikely that the Race would ever try to occupy it. After being allowed to settle in Canada, David Goldfarb relocated his family to Edmonton in the 1960s, and invented Caller ID and the Furry for the Saskatchewan River Widget Works.


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