The Ebro is Spain's most voluminous river. Its source is in Fontibre. It flows through several cities before discharging in a delta on the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Tarragona. During the Spanish Civil War, it was the site of a desperate and failed offensive launched by Republican forces.

Ebro River in Agent of Byzantium Edit

In 1315 the the Franco-Saxons went on the offensive using what appeared to be black magic. Arkadios, the Strategos of Ispania, stabilized the front at the river Eberu.

Ebro River in In High Places Edit

The slaver caravan carrying the captured Annette Klein and Jacques crossed the Ebro River at Zaragoza, en route to the slave market in Madrid.[1]

Ebro River in The War That Came Early Edit

Spanish Nationalist and Republican forces were trading blows along the Ebro in September 1938, when word came that a wider war had broken out in Europe. Chaim Weinberg and Mike Carroll were both present when a runner brought the news.


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