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Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness
Out of the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Forthweg
Occupation: Student, Soldier
Spouse: Vanai

Ealstan was a young Forthwegian from Gromheort. He fell in love with Vanai, a Kaunian from Ongestun. They later ran away together to Eoforwic, the capitol. There Ealstan spent most of the Derlavaian War as a bookkeeper. He had a daughter, Saxburh, and another child on the way as of the end of the war.

Early LifeEdit

Ealstan was born to Hestan and Elfryth. He had a brother, Leofsig. He spent his childhood and his early teen years in Gromhoert, but later fled to Eoforwic with his Kaunian lover, Vanai. He was thirteen when the Derlavian War broke out. He later met Vanai while looking for mushrooms and instantly fell in love with her. He was mocked by his cousin, Sidroc, for being a "Kaunian lover." Ealstan later fough Sidroc, knocking him unconsious. This left Ealstan no choice but to run away to Eoforwic take Vanai with him.

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