Doubting George
Fictional Character
The War Between the Provinces
Nationality: Detina
Religion: Polytheistic
Occupation: Soldier
Affiliations: King Avram's Detina

Doubting George was a 'southron' Detinan lieutenant-general in the service of King Avram during the Detinan Civil War. His nickname came from his being doubtful of out of the blue ideas.

Just like Duke Edward of Arlington he was also from the province of Parthenia Province and also kept blond serfs but unlike the count, he could not bear to see a divided Detina and sided with King Avram. He was also known as the Rock in the River of Death for his brilliant defence there. Indeed, that was one of the examples General Hesmucet used to prove he was a defensive fighter only. It is possible that this was the reason Doubting George was passed over command for the southron host in Peachtree Province.

He was assigned to defend major glideway lines and other ways of supplying the southron army. This also led him to stop General Bell's attempt to take back Franklin Province, during the March To the Western Ocean. He despised these roles, believing that they cursed him to obscurity.

Nevertheless, in these roles ,Doubting George affected the effective destruction of the northern army outside of Ramblerton. In fact, after the climactic battle, the Army of Franklin effectively ceased to be an opponent to the southron's host in the Eastern Theater.

Rollant served under Doubting George and fought under him in most battles. In fact, his superior officers Colonel Nahath and Captain Griff came to George for permission to promote Rollant, a blond, to corporal in exchange for being the standard-bearer. Doubting George, himself a conservative serf-holding Parthenian, reluctantly gave his permission, provided that Rollant be stripped of his rank if there was trouble.


George Henry Thomas.

Literary Comment Edit

The character of Doubting George is based upon George Thomas, a Virginia-born planter who fought for the Union. He is less well-known than his contemporaries, Ulysses S. Grant or General William Sherman, much as Doubting George was overshadowed by Marshal Bart or General Hesmucet.

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