Doc Leibowitz
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"Topanga and the Chatsworth Lancers"
POD: March 17, 1998
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference.
Nationality: Topanga (born in in United States)
Date of Birth: c. 1970s
Occupation: M.D.

Doc Leibowitz had been a young doctor with a practice in Topanga when The Change came. He continued to try to help his patients with modern medicine for as long as he could. He prescribed statins and blood pressure medicine to Jared Tillman's mother for as long as he had a supply but when he ran out, she died from a coronary a few years later.[1]

Leibowitz did notice that with less fatty foods and a more strenuous lifestyle, he was seeing far fewer heart attacks and strokes than he had when he first started practicing. This was a good thing since his diagnostic abilities were limited to a stethoscope and trained index finger with no EKGs or X-rays being available. He did have ether and brandy for a disinfectant but it was better to not get sick or injured.[2] For burns the best he could do was tannic acid (otherwise known as tea) plaster treatment which had been out of date by the end of the 20th century but all he could fall back on now. This was especially disheartening since there had been a state-of-the-art burn center in the Valley but no more.[3]


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