Dmitri Shepilov
Fictional Character
"Les Mortes dArthur"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: People's Republic of Moscow
Date of Birth: 22nd century
Date of Death: 22nd century
Cause of Death: Shot by a laser
Occupation: Soldier, Athlete

Dmitri Shepilov was a Muscovite competitor at the Sixty-sixth Winter Games. His event was the five-kilometer ski jump and so he competed on Mimas, a moon of Saturn. He was from a guards regiment of Muscovite ski troops and saw combat against Siberia in the Ural skirmishes a few years previously.

Shepilov jumped immediately after Shukri al-Kuwatly. He was cleared to start his run five minutes after al-Kuwatly and so was at the top of his trajectory when the latter was murdered. He appeared to raise his right arm to point when his helmet also became surrounded by mist. He, too, lifelessly continued his path for seven minutes and landed as limply as al-Kuwatly. The IBC camera continually followed his last jump.