Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Videssos Cycle
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Arshaum
Affiliations: Gray Horse Arshaum clan

Dizabul, Arghun's son was the younger son of Arghun, and the younger brother of Arigh, a prince of the Gray Horse Arshaum clan. He was a spoiled younger son, with several illegitimate children by various serving maids. Gorgidas described him as very physically attractive. 

He supported an alliance with Yezd, and was close to Bogoraz, the Yezda envoy to his clan. After Bogoraz was revealed as an assassin, he was mortified and apologized to his father and brother. His rivalry with Arigh, however, quickly returned and he led a small contingent of the Gray Horse warriors back to their herds after the death of Arghun at the hands of the wizard-prince Avshar.

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