M18 claymore US army drawing svg

The original M18 Claymore mine

Directional Anti-personnel Mines (such as the M18 Claymore) differ from other types in that they are designed to direct their fragments only in limited arc. They are placed so that the blast will be directed at the target area and away from friendly forces. This design also allows forces to protect themselves by placing these types of mines near their own positions, but facing the enemy. They are triggered in a conventional manner with either tripwire or command detonation. They are generally referred to as claymore mines from the U.S. mine of this type.

Directional Anti-personnel Mine in The Guns of the SouthEdit

In the final phases of the battle for Rivington, the Rivington Men retreated to the town's train station. This was a feint as their actual objective was the storage shed across the tracks from the station where their time machine was located. After the last man made for the shed and slammed shut the door, a eerie silence descended. After a few minutes, a young Confederate lieutenant approached the shed. He reached for the door then stopped and fired several rounds through it. It remained quiet so he yanked the door open and was literally blown out of his shoes by the torpedeo. Aside from the shoes only a large bloody smear remained of him. Sgt. Nate Caudell witnessed this and was deafened by the blast but Pvt. Melvin Bean pointed out that the blast was only in one direction, out the door.[1]

After the conflict, Confederate President Robert E. Lee indirectly mentioned them when he hoped the Confederacy could use all the weapon concepts the Rivington Men brought with them to counter the United States in a future conflict.


  1. The Guns of the South, pg. 524, PB.

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