The Kingdom of Detina was created when colonizers from the mother kingdom  sailed across the Western Ocean and landed in the continent that bears Detina. They started settling the new land, bringing them into direct conflict with the blonds already living there. With superior weapons, the dark-haired settlers won and turned the blonds into serfs.

However, serfdom soon became a contentious issue. The southron provinces slowly ended serfdom, whereas the northern provinces began to more fully entrench the practice.

When King Avram, who wanted to eliminate serfdom, came to the throne following his father Buchan's death, the northern provinces, fearing the inevitable emancipation, declared itself a new country, and proclaimed Avram's cousin Geoffrey king. The south, under the leadership of King Avram, immediately declared war on the new country.

Due to superior manpower and resources, the southrons won and serfdom was abolished.

The flag of Detina is a gold dragon on a red field, while the northern rebels use a reversed banner: a red dragon on gold field. Avram rules from his Black Palace in Georgetown, while Geoffrey has a similar palace in Nonesuch, Parthenia Province. The largest city of the south is New Eborac City, and the largest city of the north is Old Capet.

Literary CommentEdit

Detina is closely based on the United States.

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