Fictional Character
Agent of Byzantium
POD: c. AD 583
Appearance(s): "The Eyes of Argos"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Byzantine Empire
Date of Birth: c. 1282
Date of Death: 1305
Cause of Death: Shot by arrows
Occupation: Army Scout
Affiliations: Byzantine army

Demetrios was a scout in the army of the Byzantine Empire. He was a handsome blond man in his early 20s, born in Thessalonike.

Demetrios was serving on the Danube frontier in 1305 AD when hypostrategos Andreas Hermoniakos ordered the army to cross north into the steppe country for a punitive mission against the Jurchens. He and his commanding officer, Basil Argyros, were scouting ahead and found the hoof prints of a half dozen unshod horses, indicating a Jurchen scouting party. On reporting this, the army went on alert in preparation for battle.

Demetrios, along with the rest of the scouts, rode ahead of the army to find the enemy. He was the first to spot the grey-brown smudge to the northeast caused by the horses of the Jurchens. He joined in the attack on the Jurchen scouts on a hilltop and broke through the picket line that tried to block them. With much courage but not much wisdom, he attempted to attack the Jurchen wizard and his body guards on the top of the hill by himself. He and his horse were killed by Jurchen arrows before he got within 50 yards of them.