Fictional Character
"We Install"
Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: n/a
Occupation: Housewife
Spouse: Unnamed Husband

Debbie was married and lived with her husband in a pre-owned house they had bought together. One evening, while she was preparing supper, her husband answered the door and found a sales rep for Superior Solar offering a good deal on new solar systems. She hadn't heard a thing until her husband called and asked if they could afford a new system. Debbie thought for a moment and agreed they finally could especially since their existing one came with the place, was "as old as the hills" and "a piece of junk".

Debbie continued to prepare supper while her husband looked over what the sales rep had to offer but he checked with her before agreeing to anything. She looked it over and again agreed they could afford it. When the sales rep asked if he could go up onto the roof to check over their existing installation, both agreed and Debbie added that she would turn supper down.

Debbie continued to look after supper while she listened to the two of them clomping around on the roof. When then came down, she asked if everything was set. Eric replied that it was and that it was a good thing he had gone up since wanderer three had gotten moldy. He added that it would need steam cleaning but said that there wouldn't be any extra charge. Eric added that the crew would arrive between nine and eleven the next morning and while it would be a little noisy, it wouldn't be too bad. He gave them his card and then left to sell more solar systems.