The de Havilland Mosquito was a British combat
aircraft that excelled in a number of roles during World War II. Originally conceived as an unarmed fast bomber, uses of the Mosquito included: low to medium altitude daytime tactical bomber, high altitude night bomber, pathfinder, day or night fighter, fighter-bomber, intruder, maritime strike and photo reconnaissance aircraft.

Mosquito in Worldwar Edit

When the Race invaded Earth in 1942, the Mosquito was being used as a night fighter. The twin engined planes had the highest operational ceiling of any British fighter, not to mention their wooden skins and skeletons made it difficult for radar to acquire. It was for this reason that the Mosquito was the first fighter craft to be used by the RAF for attacks on Killercraft. The RAF used Lancasters that carried portable radar sets to direct Mosquitos to their targets.

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