David Hartley
Historical Figure
Nationality: United Kingdom
Date of Birth: 1732
Date of Death: 1813
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Occupation: Scientist, Philosopher, Inventor, Politician, Diplomat
Parents: David Hartley, Alice Rowley, Elizabeth Packer (stepmother)
Turtledove Appearances:
POD: c 85,000,000 BCE;
Relevant POD: 1452
Appearance(s): The United States of Atlantis
Type of Appearance: Direct
David Hartley, the younger (1732 - 19 December 1813) was a British statesman, scientific inventor, and Member of Parliament (MP). He held the position of His Britannic Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary, appointed by King George III to treat with the United States of America in the aftermath of the American Revolution. In this capacity, he signed the Treaty of Paris (1783), which ended the war and officially recognised the independence of the United States.

David Hartley in AtlantisEdit

David Hartley, MP, was a member of the British negotiating team during the Croydon peace talks.[1] He persuaded Victor Radcliff to let the central government of Atlantis intervene in the matter of loyalist compensation.[2] He was also much pleased to meet Custis Cawthorne, and asked about the idea behind the conception of Cawthorne's bifocals invention.[3]


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