The Damselfly was an ultra-ultra-lightweight airplane carried to Minerva aboard the American space shuttle Athena. It was powered by the pilot's pedal action on a bicycle-like apparatus and supplemented by a small electric battery. It was piloted primarily by Sarah Levitt.

The Damselfly was used to convey Dr. Levitt across the Ervis Gorge to treat Valery Bryusov when Sergei Tolmasov requested her assistance. The very light craft could cross the Gorge but only with great difficulty.

Later, Levitt flew the Damselfly against Fralk's AK-74 during the Skarmer invasion of Reatur's domain. Levitt and the Damselfly were not shot down by the rifle, and Levitt dropped a large Molotov cocktail slung under the craft's body. She killed Fralk and Oleg Lopatin, neutralized the Kalashnikov, and turned the tide of the battle.

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