In Ancient Greek mythology, a daimon was a good or malevolent supernatural being that was a level above mortals but below the Gods. The concept could include anything from a lesser god to the ghost of a dead hero. Plato famously described his mentor Socrates as frequently consulting with a daimon.

Daimon in "The Daimon"Edit

Sokrates claimed to have a daimon that warned him against mistakes but never told him what to do or coerced him into following it. He claimed that his daimon exhibited greater accuracy than any of the forms of divination practiced at the time. Sokrates believed his daimon encouraged him to join Alkibiades' expedition to Sicily.[1] Alkibiades subsequent takeover of Athens left Sokrates doubting his daimon.[2] For his part, Alkibiades came to believe that Sokrates' daimon had been acting in his (Alkibiades') interest rather than in Sokrates' own.[3]


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