Da'ud ibn Zubayr
Fictional Character
"Islands in the Sea"
POD: AD 717
Type of Appearance: Direct
Religion: Islam
Occupation: Soldier, Diplomat

Da'ud ibn Zubayr was an officer in the armies of the Caliphate and fought many skirmishes on the border with the Bulgars. This experience led to his selection as one of the Muslim emissaries to heathen a Bulgar Khan named Telerikh of Bulgaria in AD 769. The purpose was to attempt to convert him to Islam. The leader of the delegation was Jalal ad-Din who was the spokesman of the group. Da'ud ibn Zubayr's role was that of an advisor and so did not speak to the Khan during the several meetings he held with the Muslims and the Christian delegation from Rome.

After much proselytizing and debate, the Khan converted to the Muslim faith because of the nature of the Christian heaven and because the Caliphate commanded a stronger empire than Pope Constantine II.

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