The Czechoslovak Border Fortifications were a series of fortified lines of defense inspired on the French Maginot Line that were built in Czechoslovakia between 1935 and 1938 with the objective of stopping possible invasions by Nazi Germany and Hungary, while the Czechoslovak Army mobilised and foreign assistance from France and the Soviet Union arrived. However, since most of the forts lay within the Sudetenland, they were handed to Germany along with the rest of the territory as a result of the Munich Conference, and they never saw action.

The Czechoslovak Border Fortifications in The War That Came Early Edit

Work to improve the Czechoslovak Border Fortifications increased after Germany annexed Austria in early 1938 and was still underway when war between Czechoslovakia and Germany broke out at the end of September of that year. The forts and the rugged terrain stopped the German advance for some weeks, but since none of Czechoslovakia's allies took serious action against the Germans during that period the Wehrmacht was finally able to break through the weaker section near the Austrian border, and cut Czechoslovakia in half.

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