Culpeper is an incorporated town in, and the county seat of, Culpeper County, Virginia. The population was 9,664 at the 2000 census.

Culpeper in Southern VictoryEdit

Confederate General George Patton made Culpeper his headquarters during the initial part of General Daniel MacArthur's invasion of Virginia in late 1941. Patton launched a counter-attack from Culpeper and the surrounding foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, intending to cut through the salient. While blunting the U.S. advance and causing the lead elements to fall back, the counter-attack was not as successful as Patton had hoped. This was due in part to General Abner Dowling, who commanded the corps guarding that flank, having previous experience fighting Patton during Operation Blackbeard.

As a measure of Patton's longer term failure, the grinding U.S. advance in 1942 allowed General Dowling to eventually make Culpeper his headquarters. While stalled there, Dowling noticed the Confederates seemed to be thinning their lines in front of him. He ordered a series of raids to take prisoners for interrogation and discovered the removed units were being sent west to Ohio. He informed both the General Staff and MacArthur of these developments. MacArthur took advantage of this to launch a second attack on Fredericksburg.

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