Contention Hotel 1880-1-
Contention City or Contention is a ghost mining town in Cochise County in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Arizona. It was occupied from the early-1880s through the late-1880s in what was then known as the Arizona Territory. Only a few foundations now remain of this boomtown which was settled and abandoned with the rise and fall of silver mining in and around the area of Tombstone.

Contention City in Southern VictoryEdit

When General Jeb Stuart crossed the border from Sonora into New Mexico Territory, he chose Contention City as his target over Tombstone, because that's where the stamping mills and refiners for the raw silver were.

The Yankees had a force of their own in the city, which was dug in and waiting. This presented Stuart with a dilemma as he was unsure of how to attack the town without losing too many men. Fortunately, the US commander, Lt. Colonel Theron Winship believed that it was himself who was vastly outnumbered and offered to surrender.

The whole town was surrendered without a fight, and Confederate forces then set about taking all of the silver that they could find. His victory here did not go unnoticed. Lurking near by, the Apache Indians were impressed by Stuart's outsmarting the Yankees and made an alliance with him.

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