Constantine comes from the Latin name Constantinus, a derivative of Constans which in turn means "constant, steadfast".

In the works of Harry Turtledove, Constantine and its variants may refer to:

Historical figures:

Constans II, Byzantine Emperor referenced in Justinian and Agent of Byzantium.
Constantine I, Roman/Byzantine Emperor, referenced in Justinian.
Constantine III, Byzantine Emperor, referenced in Justinian.
Constantine IV, Byzantine Emperor, appearing in Justinian.
Constantine V, Byzantine Emperor, referenced in Justinian and "Farmers' Law".
Constantine XI Palaiologos, Byzantine Emperor, POV in "The Emperor's Return".
Constantine II, Antipope, man who sought the title of Pope unsuccessfully, referenced in "Islands in the Sea".
Konstantin Rokossovsky, Soviet-backed Polish Marshal referenced in The Hot War.
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, historical rockets scientist referenced in A World of Difference.

Fictional characters:

Constans (Traditions), a Count in "Traditions".
Constantine Doukas, Byzantine General in Agent of Byzantium, "The Eyes of Argos".
Constantine Jenkins, American diplomat stationed in Germany in The War That Came Early.
Constantine Jordan, minor fictional character in Worldwar.
Konstantin Morozov, Soviet tank commander and POV in The Hot War.
Constantine Palaiologos, US Army soldier and minor character in Settling Accounts: In at the Death.
Konstantin Tolmasov, citizen of Smolensk, minor character in A World of Difference.


Constantinople, historical capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, now called Istanbul, relevant to a large number of Turtledove works.