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The Conquest Fleet, commanded by Fleetlord Atvar, was the Race's main military formation and the unit which attempted to conquer Tosev 3 in the 1940s. The males (the Conquest Fleet was all-male, one of the only incidents of gender discrimination in the Race's culture) of the Conquest Fleet were the first members of the Race to encounter the culture shock the planet offered them. They fought a costly war against the major Tosevite not-empires which ended in an uneasy truce.

Some soldiers, tired and demoralized, rebelled against their superiors, such as Ussmak's rebellion in Siberia, and even defected to the Tosevites, mostly in the United States of America, though not denouncing their loyalty to their Empire. Ginger abuse became widespread throughout the Conquest Fleet, and the Conquest Fleet's members introduced the drug to civilians from the Colonization Fleet when that fleet arrived twenty Tosevite years later. Those members of the Race who had not endured the Conquest Fleet's experiences found these males "addled", irrevocably damaged by their exposure to the degenerate culture of Tosev 3 and were also widely blamed for the Race's failure to conquer the entire planet. In return, the members of the Conquest Fleet shared similar contempt for their counterparts.

Tosevite Conquests Edit

The following not-empires were conquered by the Conquest Fleet at Tosev 3.

See: Race Colonies on Tosev 3

Other Conquest Fleets Edit

In the Race's history, two other Conquest Fleets had been dispatched, one to Rabotev 2, commanded by Fleetlord Pssufalu the Conqueror, and one to Halless 1, commanded by Fleetlord Hisstan the Conqueror. Unlike the Tosevite fleet, both of these easily completed their missions to conquer their respective planets.

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