The Confederate States' dam building project was a central plank of the Freedom Party platform in 1933. After a number of Confederate rivers flooded and overflowed their banks, President Jake Featherston promised a major public works project to dam up the rivers. In addition to preventing further floods, it would provide jobs for Confederate citizens out of work in the wake of the stock market crash, and provide electricity to large areas of the impoverished rural South.

The popular project was ruled unconstitutional by the Confederate Supreme Court. Featherston took advantage of this to consolidate power in government by dissolving the Court for standing in the way of the people's wishes.

In 1943, the United States Air Corps bombed most of the dams built by the project, though it allowed two to remain standing as these two helped General Irving Morrell's advance through Tennessee. Recognizing this fact, retreating Confederate armies destroyed the dams themselves.

Literary CommentEdit

This dam building project is analogous to those of the OTL Tennessee Valley Authority also built in the 1930s.

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