Confederate States presidential election, 1927
Confederate States
1921 ←
November 1, 1927
→ 1933

Nominee Burton Mitchel Unknown Jake Featherston
Party Whig Party Radical Liberal Party Freedom Party
Home state Arkansas Unknown Virginia
Running mate Unknown Unknown Ferdinand Koenig

President before election

Burton Mitchel
Whig Party

Elected President

Burton Mitchel
Whig Party

The Confederate States presidential election of 1927 was a rematch between the Whig Party, led by President Burton Mitchel, and the Freedom Party, led by Jake Featherston. Unlike in 1921, there wasn't an overriding issue dominating the society of the day in the Confederate States of America, though the Great Flood of 1927 did hurt the Whigs' reputation and improved Freedom's chances somewhat.


The Whigs nominated President Mitchel after the C.S. Supreme Court said that he was allowed to run; he was Wade Hampton V's running mate in 1921, but since he didn't run for president himself he could do so in 1927. The Freedom Party nominated its leader, Featherston, and Ferdinand Koenig as his running mate, as they did in 1921.

The ElectionEdit

The Fall CampaignEdit

Featherston was using radio as his form of mass-communication, so his message was already known to the Confederate public by fall 1927. The FP platform remained the same as it was in 1921 - rearmament, restoration of C.S. prestige, and readmission of the former-Confederate territories made part of the United States as part of the peace deal after the Great War. The Whigs, running Mitchel, ran on the platform that government had no place in the economy (thus excusing itself from dealing with the aftermath of the Great Flood), and on peace and prosperity.


Mitchel was easily elected. Featherston had won Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas; the Radical Liberals won Arkansas and Chihuahua; everywhere else went for Mitchel. However, the Freedom Party did somewhat better than it had in the midterm elections of 1923 and 1925 - it sent two new representatives to Richmond even while losing one senator. Many Confederates believed, however, that the Freedom Party would be unable to ever elect a president.

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