Marine Corps ensign

The Confederate States Marine Corps (CSMC) was a branch of the Confederate States armed forces during the American Civil War. It was established by an act of the Confederate Congress on March 16, 1861. The CSMC's manpower was initially authorized at 45 officers and 944 enlisted men, and was increased on September 24, 1862 to 1,026 enlisted men. The organization of the corps began at Montgomery, Alabama, and was completed at Richmond, Virginia, when the capital of the Confederate States of America was moved to that location. The CSMC headquarters and main training facilities remained in Richmond, Virginia throughout the war, located at Camp Beall on Drewry's Bluff and at the Gosport Shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia. The last CSMC unit surrendered to the U.S. on April 9, 1865, with the Confederacy itself capitulating a month later.

Confederate States Marine Corps in Southern VictoryEdit

During the Great War, a Negro laborer with the Marines named Lysis boxed with Confederate Army laborer named Commodus. Lysis knocked out Commodus in the third round.

Literary commentEdit

The extent and details of the CSMC's service in the First and Second Great Wars are largely unknown. However, it can be assumed that with the collapse of the Confederate States and the surrender of its military in 1944, the Confederate Marines ceased to exist.