Colorado Mesa University (Mesa State College until 2011) is a public comprehensive university in Grand Junction, Colorado. The college has its primary campus in Grand Junction, a separate vocational institute known as Western Colorado Community College, and a smaller campus in Montrose, Colorado. Mesa State grants two-year associates degrees, four-year bachelors degrees, and a masters degree in business administration. The college was founded in 1925 with 36 students. As of 2011, it had over 9,000 students.

Colorado Mesa University in The House of DanielEdit

Professor Houlihan, who taught magic at Mesa State, flatly proclaimed the inability of zombies to rise up against their masters. In 1934, the Great Zombie Riots over in Denver disproved this optimistic theory.[1]

Colorado Mesa University in "Vilcabamba"Edit

After the Krolp conquered most of North America, Mesa State College became a critical learning center, as a well as recepticle for human knowledge in the face of the devastation visited by the Krolp. The fact that Grand Junction became the capital of the rump United States added to Mesa State's prestige.

On the eve of the last U.S. uprising against the Krolp, the Secretary of Alien Affairs visited Mesa State's library, and reviewed the history of Vilcabamba, Peru, the last refuge of the Inca. He shared what he found with President Harris Moffatt III, who decided to launch the uprising anyway.

Mesa State was destroyed along with the rest of Grand Junction some two days after the uprising began. The government had already moved to Craig. Much of the data preserved at the college had already been moved elsewhere.

Literary CommentEdit

As it was the school's name at time of publication, the future use of "Mesa State" is not an inconsistency.


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