Colchester town center-1-
Colchester is a town, and the largest settlement within the borough of Colchester, in Essex, England.

It has a population of 104,390. As the oldest recorded Roman town, Colchester claims to be the oldest town in Britain. It also claims to have the United Kingdom's oldest recorded market.

Colchester is 56 miles northeast of London.

Colchester in "A Massachusetts Yankee in King Arthur's Court"Edit

Colchester was the site of an archeological dig in 1963. An American dime had been found with otherwise undisturbed post-Roman artifacts.

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan held a summit with American President John F. Kennedy, and casually mentioned the dime. Macmillan did not know that Kennedy had been magiicaly transported to the historical Cam'lod'n overnight. While Kennedy had initially believed his trip to be a dream, Macmillan's revelation of the dime confirmed for Kennedy that he had not been dreaming.

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