The Confederation of Cinque Ports is a historic series of coastal towns in Kent and Sussex, England. It was originally formed for military and trade purposes, but is now entirely ceremonial. It lies at the eastern end of the English Channel, where the crossing to the continent is narrowest. The "five ports" were Hastings, New Romney, Hythe, Dover, and Sandwich. Rye, originally a subsidiary of New Romney, changed to become one of the Cinque Ports once New Romney was damaged by storms and silted up. Other towns also contribute to the confederation, including two Antient Towns and the seven Limbs.

Cinque Ports in AtlantisEdit

The Cinque Ports were a confederated group of English coastal towns in Kent and Sussex, at the eastern end of the English Channel where the crossing to the European mainland was narrowest. In 1452, there were actually seven members. Hastings and Dover, whence the settlers of New Hastings and Freetown, Atlantis hailed, were two of the Cinque Ports.

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