270px-Republic of China National Emblem.svg

Roundel of the CNAF

The Chinese Nationalist Air Force was formed by the Kuomintang after the establishment of the Aviation Ministry in 1920. As tensions mounted between the China and Imperial Japan in the 1930s, a number of smaller Chinese warlord air force men and equipment became integrated into the ROCAF in a centralized effort to counter Imperial Japanese military ambitions.

After the Communist victory in China in 1949, the CNAF was renamed the Republic of China Air Force, and relocated to Taiwan.

Chinese Nationalist Air Force in Days of InfamyEdit

The Chinese Nationalist Air Force were fighting both air arms of the Imperial Japanese Forces, when Japan invaded Hawaii in 1941. Lt. Saburo Shindo, and Commander Mitsuo Fuchida had both seen action against the Chinese Air Force. Both men gained valuable experience in fighting the Chinese which paid off well during the many fights the Japanese had with their United States counterparts.

Chinese Nationalist Air Force in WorldwarEdit

The Chinese Nationalist Air Force had been fighting the air arm of the Imperial Japanese Army when the Race arrived in mid 1942. When the Race first arrived in China, local peasant Liu Han though that the approaching planes were those of the CNAF, hoping to hold the city of Hankow. After the Race arrived, they swiftly destroyed the CNAF.

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