Chechens constitute the largest native ethnic group originating in the North Caucasus region, which is now located primarily within the Russian Federation and was formerly part of the Soviet Union. They refer to themselves as Noxçi (singular Noxçi or Noxço), which comes from the name of a large Chechen tribe, the Noxçmexkaxoy, and their homeland.

The isolated mountain terrain of the Caucasus and the strategic value outsiders have placed on the areas settled by Chechens has contributed much to the Chechen community ethos and helped shape a unique national character.

Chechens in Southern VictoryEdit

Chechens were a small disaffected imperial subject people of the Russian Empire. They lived in a region of that empire known as Chechnya, and their dominant religion was Islam. During the Second Great War, the Chechens rose up against Russia with German support. Unlike other Central Powers-backed rebel groups such as Finns, Poles, Ukrainians, and Irish, however, they were not able to give their Entente oppressor enough trouble administering their territory to enable to Central Powers to justify extending diplomatic recognition to an independent Chechen state.

Chechens in SupervolcanoEdit

The Chechens continued their long guerrilla war against Russia even after the Yellowstone Supervolcano had erupted. While they suffered in the Caucasus Mountains from the cold weather and famine that resulted from the eruption, they reasoned that not only was Allah on their side, the Russians suffered from the bad weather more.[1]


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