Characters From Greek Mythology
Nationality: Aethiopia
Religion: Greek
Occupation: King of Aethiopia
Parents: Belus and Anchinoe
Spouse: Cassiopeia
Children: Andromeda
Turtledove Appearances:
"Miss Manners' Guide to Greek Missology"
Satirical Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Direct

Cepheus was a mythical king of Aethiopia, husband of Cassiopeia, father of Andromeda, and later father-in-law of Perseus. He is a secondary, underdeveloped character in the myths focusing on these other characters. Ancient Greek astronomers named a set of constellations after Cepheus' family.

Cepheus in "Miss Manners' Guide to Greek Missology"Edit

Cepheus and Cassiopeia rode from Ethiopia to Mount Olympus in their Constellation, to attend the wedding of their daughter Andromeda.[1]


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