Censor was the executive office of the Federated Commonwealths of America. Under the Articles of Independence, there were two censors, so as to prevent the absolutism that took possession of the English monarchy. Most scholars assumed that the Conscript Fathers had created two censors with the understanding that the executive would be further weakened, particularly if the censors were opposed politically. Each censor could veto the other. The censors were elected by popular vote. After their five-year terms ended, the censors became senators for life.

Known CensorsEdit

  • Bryan (served in the late 1980s)
  • Jennings (served in the late 1980s)

Literary commentEdit

Censor in the FCA is essentially the same office as Consul in the Roman Republic of OTL. The Romans had an office called censor, which was much lower than consul.

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