Cananea (from the Apache term for "horse meat") is a city in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. It is the seat of the municipality of the same name.

Cananea in Southern VictoryEdit

The town of Cananea had been a Mexican town until June 14, 1881, when it and the whole territory of Sonora transferred ownership to the Confederate States.

After defeating all US Forces in the southern New Mexico Territory, Confederate General Jeb Stuart returned to Sonora and the town of Cananea, where he made his headquarters for the duration of the war. The locals proved very friendly to their new masters but were openly hostile towards the Apache Indians with whom they frequently clashed.

After an altercation with some prostitutes, events spiralled out of control and erupted into all out war. CS Forces stationed in the town proved unable to restore order as the towns inhabitants were armed with all kinds of rifles. The Apaches managed to get a hold of some kerosene and burnt down the entire town, killing most of its inhabitants. This massacre lead to fighting between the Confederates and the Apache.

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