Camp Undecided was an extermination camp for black women and children established in May 1942 as part of the Population Reduction instituted by Confederate States President Jake Featherston's Freedom Party. Undecided was located on the opposite side of the rail spur from the nearby Camp Determination.

In May 1942, Jefferson Pinkard, the comandant of Determination, was instructed by Attorney General Ferdinand Koenig to construct Undecided to house women and children. Undecided was built from scratch on the opposite side of the rail spur and was patroled by female Freedom Party Guards. In 1943, with the US General Abner Dowling's Eleventh Army advancing on the camps, Pinkard and his guards gassed its remaining inmates, blew up the camps, and evacuated. Having discovered the mass graves, Dowling made a point of bringing in the leading citizens of the nearby town of Snyder to show them what their government had done.