Cambridge is a city in in southeastern Ohio and is in the Appalachian Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains. At the time of the 2000 census, Cambridge was a city with 11,520 residents.

Cambridge in Southern Victory Edit

In early 1943 U.S. General Irving Morrell received wireless reports that a Confederate relief force was advancing on Cambridge. Morrell personally lead the two dozen barrels he commanded to the town's defense while reflecting that this was really a major's job.

On arriving at Cambridge, Morrell immediately launched a surprise attack into the Confederate's flank. After a few minutes, the Confederates realized where the new attack was coming from and turned to face Morrell. With his barrels now firing at the thick frontal armor, destroying them became much more difficult. However, this exposed the thinner sides to anti-barrel fire from U.S. forces in Cambridge. After a wild half hour melee at point blank ranges, the Confederates withdrew. They had lost 15-20 barrels to half that number for the U.S.

After several hours without any signs of Confederate activity, Morrell sent infantry scouts forward to find them. Shortly he received reports, independently confirmed, that the Confederates were retreating west as quickly as they could. Operation Rosebud, which Morrell had initiated earlier, threatened the Confederate corridor in western Ohio and required the relief force to defend it.

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