Caleb's Kitchen was a diner in Guilford, Maine owned and operated by a local named Caleb[1]. Dick Barber thought it made a decent breakfast, an adequate burger but didn't recommend it for dinner.[2] Rob Ferguson thought Barber's opinion of its breakfast was overrated but it was difficult to mess up eggs and bacon so Ferguson and the rest of Squirt Frog and the Evolving Tadpoles made a habit of eating there especially since it was only a five minute walk from the Trebor Mansion Inn where they were staying.[3]

Biff Thorvald became infatuated with Cindy a waitress at Caleb's[4] who eventually became pregnant and married him.[5]

Literary NoteEdit

In Supervolcano: Eruption, there are two Rob Ferguson scenes at the end of the novel where the diner is called Calvin's Kitchen. For the other two books in the trilogy, the diner is called Caleb's Kitchen and Caleb is introduced as a character. Therefore, the admins of this wiki elected to use the latter name for this article.


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