Caldwell is a village located along the West Fork of Duck Creek in Noble County, Ohio. The population was 1,956 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Noble County.

Caldwell in in Southern VictoryEdit

Caldwell was a coal town in south-eastern Ohio. It was here that Colonel Irving Morrell's counterattack of 1941, against the Confederate salient formed by the successful Operation Blackbeard, was stalled by sabotage and constant attack by Asskickers against his barrels.

In the face of Morrell's limited progress, the War Department withdrew many of his barrels from here and redeployed them to West Virginia for the use by General Daniel MacArthur in his "drive on Richmond". Much to Morrell's frustration, he was not allowed to accompany the barrels. Instead, he was ordered to continue to defend in Ohio against any further Confederate advances.

It was while he was stuck at Caldwell that Morrell was wounded in an assasination attempt by the Confederates.

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