The CAC Boomerang was a World War II fighter
Boomerangnb 1
aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia between 1942 and 1945 by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation(CAC). Originally created to be a fighter version of the Wirraway, the Boomerang was designed as a Stop-Gap measure until more fighters could arrive. The Boomerang is significant as the first combat aircraft designed and built in Australia.

CAC Boomerang in Days of Infamy Edit

The creation of the Boomerang was mentioned by Lt. Ralph Goodwin while he was explaining Wirraways to Joe Crosetti. Joe thought the idea of converting a trainer into a fighter an act of desperation, but given Australia's situation, it didn’t surprise him that much.[1]


  1. Days of Infamy, pg. 456 Paperback.

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