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Bull Run is a free-flowing tributary stream of the Potomac River that originates from a spring in the Bull Run Mountains in Loudoun County, Virginia and flows south to the Occoquan River. Bull Run serves as the boundary between Loudoun County and Prince William County, and between Fairfax County and Prince William County. Bull Run is primarily associated with two battles of the American Civil War: the First Battle of Bull Run (1861) and the Second Battle of Bull Run (1862), both Confederate victories. A narrow part called Yates Ford (near Manassas) is the scene of the Battle of Occoquan, and, downstream about one mile, is the current Yates Ford Road bridge between Fairfax and Prince William Counties.

Bull Run in Southern VictoryEdit

Bull Run was the site of a battle fought at the end of the Great War in 1917. The battle took place northern Virginia. Elements of the Army of Northern Virginia (including the First Richmond Howitzers) briefly stalled but failed to stop the advancing United States Army.

Sgt. Jake Featherston and Maj. Clarence Potter were both present for the battle. All present realized that if Bull Run was overrun, then Richmond would be threatened. Privately, Featherston felt that he could only do his best, and blamed the black troops the Confederacy used in the last days of the war for the country's loss.

When Bull Run fell, the CS government sued for peace rather than let Richmond fall.

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