Fictional Character
"The Horse of Bronze"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Nuggy
Nationality: Tin Isle

Bucca was a Nuggy who lived on the Tin Isle. He was one of the few nuggies to survive the arrival of mans on his island and the consequent severe inferiority complex that had killed off so many of his fellows. When Cheiron's expedition of Centaurs arrived on the Tin Isle to attempt to reestablish contact with the Nuggies, Bucca met with them and gave a rather confusing account of the coming of the mans and the disastrous effect it had had on the indigenous people of the Tin Isle. He ended his account by saying (despite his having survived the deep sense of shame and inferiority that had killed so many of his fellows) "Where they live, we cannot live."

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